World MTBO Championships

Junior World MTBO Championships


August, 26-31 2013


IOF MTBO World Cup
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Important Information


24.08 Saturday Arrival of teams
25.08 Sunday Arrival of teams
26.08 Monday Model Event, Opening Ceremony

27.08 Tuesday Sprint (Tapa);
          MTBO World Cup Event 6
28.08 Wednesday Middle (Mõedaka);
          MTBO World Cup Event 7
29.08 Thursday Rest day
30.08 Friday Relay (Rakvere);
          MTBO World Cup Event 8
31.08 Saturday Long , (Valgehobusemäe);
          MTBO World Cup Event 9
         Official Closing Ceremony and Banquet
01.09.2013 Sunday Departure of teams


  • Preliminary entries, Accommodation booking 05.05.2013
  • Payment of entry fee and accommodation
    (WMTBOC, JWMTBOC) 13.07.2013
  • Transport booking (including payment) 13.07.2013
  • Final entries 02.08.2013
  • Open competition entries 20.08.2013
  • Payment of Open competition entry fees 20.08.2013



Congratulations to MTBO sprint world champions 27.08.2013 (16:10)


 Today was the first day of competition at the World MTBO Championsips in Tapa where athletes competed in the sprint events. Tõnis Erm won the Championships in the men’s class with the time of 19 minutes and 24 seconds. Lauri Malsroos came second with 19 minutes and 45 seconds. 
 'It was a very difficult and uneven meadow with tracks turning left and right after quite often. It was also very shaky, at times I couldn't even read the map. That meant that I drove some parts of the track fast, then stopped to read the map and drove on. I usually never do that', said the new world champion Tõnis Erm, who admitted that winning gold today was his goal.
 Lauri Malsroos said that he made some mistakes in the first part of the race but the second part was flawless. 
 Third was Krystof Bogar (CZE) with the time of 20 minutes and 17 seconds, forth place went to Ruslan Gritsan (RUS) who finished in 20 minutes and 20 seconds. Hans Jorgen Kvale (NOR) came fifth with 20 minutes and 26 seconds and Anton Foliforov (RUS) was sixth with 20 minutes and 40 seconds. 
 The world champion in the women's class is Cecilia Thomasson (SWE) with 20 minutes and 32 seconds. Eva-Liisa Hakala (FIN) came second with 20 minutes and 42 seconds and Tatiana Repina (RUS) with 20 minutes and 58 seconds finished third.
 The winner in the women’s junior class is Henna Saarinen (FIN) with the time of 19 minutes and 44 seconds. Svetlana Poverina (RUS) came second with the time of 19 minutes and 51 seconds and Veronika Kubinova (CZE), with the time of 20 minutes and 31 seconds came third. Cedric Beill (FRA) won first place in the men's junior class. He finished in 17 minutes and 38 seconds.

Junior World MTBO Champions in Sprint 27.08.2013 (15:30)

Today was the first day of competition in the World MTB Orienteering Championships. Athletes competed in the sprint event. 

The world champion in the women’s junior class is Hanna Saarinen (FIN) with the time of 19 minutes and 44 seconds. Svetlana Poverina (RUS) came second with the time of 19 minutes and 51 seconds and Veronika Kubinova (CZE), with the time of 20 minutes and 31 seconds came third. Saarinen said that she last competed in Estonia in the fall of last year. ’Estonian and Finnish lanscape is quite similar with just a few differences.’ Saarinen also added that the win was a surprise but of course she hoped to finish first. ’The hilly part of the track was quite difficult’, she added and said that she is not promising a win in the upcoming events but said she’ll do her best.

Estonian Daisy Kudre was 14th and her sister Doris Kudre was 17th.

 Cedric Beill (FRA) won first place in the men's junior class. Beill finished with 17 minutes and 38 seconds. Vojtech Ludvik (CZE) came second with the time of 18 minutes and 45 seconds. Oskar Sandberg (SWE) came third with 18 minutes and 55 seconds.

 Paul Nestor finished as the first Estonian in 17th place with 20 minutes and 52 seconds.

World MTBO Championships have officially started. 26.08.2013 (21:11)

Today (26.08) the official opening ceremony of the WMTBOC was held in Rakvere centre square.

The World Championships were opened by the secretary-general of the Estonian Olympic Committee, Siim Sukles, the International Orienteering Federation vice president Astrid Waaler Kaas, the president of the Estonian Orienteering Federation, Urmas Klaas and the mayor of Rakvere, Toomas Varek.

Waaler Kaas admitted that she has never been to a bike orienteering competition and therefore the Championships are especially interesting for her. Urmas Klaas said that he wishes all the athletes to give their best so they could later be proud of their achievements. Klaas also thanked the Rakvere Orienteering Club who are organizing the competition.

Multiple world champion Michaela Gigon (AUT) hopes to get a medal form tomorrow's sprint competition . „The only title I'm still missing is the sprint world championships title, so tomorrow is a big day,“ said Gigon, who has been to Estonia before. „It is a very beautiful country. Compared to Austria the landscape is a bit flat, I prefer some hills,“ admitted Gigon.

Througout all this week Lääne-Viru county is host to the adult and junior WMTBOC with 261 athletes from 26 different countries participating. 

Sprint start lists 26.08.2013 (13:40)

Start list for Sprint distances are available

261 participants from 26 different countries 16.08.2013 (00:02)

The World MTBO Championships held on the last week of August in Lääne-Viru county will host 261 participants from 26 different countries – 97 male and 64 female competitors, and 67 male and 33 female in junior class. The furthest guests are coming from Australia, Japan and United States of America.
The World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships will start on 26th August in Rakvere with a festive opening ceremony and parade. Many sportsmen and -women will arrive to Estonia for training camp already on 24th August.
 Estonian sportsman, Tõnis Erm, is currently holding the 7th place on the world ranking of International Orienteering Federation. Erm was confident while speaking about the competition, and hopes to be victorious at the World Championships. «Winning any kind of medal is already a success because of the high competitiveness,» says Erm.
People who are interested in sports are invited to come and cheer the competitors. The competition centers involve observation points and tents which allow viewing the trajectory of competitors by using GPS device.

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