World MTBO Championships

Junior World MTBO Championships


August, 26-31 2013


IOF MTBO World Cup
WMTBOC Sponsors and Supporters


MTBO World Cup Event 9

August 31, 2013 Valgehobusemäe

Valgehobusemäea - LONG


Valgehobusemäe (59.2215, 25.56192)

From Event Centre to the arena 58 km

From Parking area to the arena 0,1-0,2 km

From arena to pre-start area 1,2km

Warm up: Warm up area is in quarantine zone.


Routes and Analysis


Online entry

Start lists



09:00 Long distance Final

10:00 Last entry into quarantine zone

14:00 Open competition first start

16:00-19:00 Opening hours of the Event Office

19:00 Long distance Prize-giving and closing ceremony, Banquet, Disco



  Length Nr of Controls Optimal route Total climb Refreshments Map size Online results Estimated winning time
Men 34.9 km 32 46.5 km 405 m 11.4 km A3; A3; A4 (map change) 8.2 km 110 min
17.3 km 17.3 km
44.0 km 44.0 km
Women 26.0 km 27 34.6 km 265 m 8.7 km A3; A3; A4 (map change) 8.7 km 90 min
17.8 km 17.8 km
33.1 km 33.1 km
M20 25.9 km 28 34.7 km 290 m 11.0 km A3; A3; A4 (map change) 11.0 km 88 min
22.4 km 22.4 km
33.2 km 33.2 km
W20 20.6 km 20 27.8 km 230 m 10.2 km A3; A3; A4 (map change) 6.5 km 75 min
22.5km 22.5km
27.1 km 27.1 km

Warm up: Warm up area is in quarantine zone.

Map: 1:15 000 / 5m, map size A3/A4

First start: 09:00

Start interval: 3 min for all categories

Finish: The time is taken when the competitor’s front tyre crosses the finish line. No punching on finish line.

Start quarantine: All Elite and Juniors must be in quarantine at the latest 10:30

Finish quarantine: No finish quarantine

Time limit: 180 minutes

Terrain: Long distance competition takes place in an area typical to North-Estonia with marshes alternating with hills. Numerous paths and roads, dense vegetation. Ski tracks are mapped using symbol 835 of ISMTBOM and have yellow background in wide places.

Special hazards: Some tricky steep sections may challenge riders. There are warning signs in steep tracks.

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