World Masters Ski Orienteering Championships


Tuesday, February 18 - Arrival and Model Event for middle distance
Wednesday, February 19 - Middle distance at Pannjärve
Thursday, February 20 - Middle distance at Pannjärve
Friday, February 21 - Rest day, model event for long distance
Saturday, February 22 - Long distance at Pannjärve


Long distance additional information for WMOC participants 


•    Warm-up area is same as previous competition days
•    Start is in same place as for first middle distance race, 1 km to southeast from competition centre along a major road. There is no warm-up area at the start, only a quite poor ski track along the major road.
•    In the middle of the course, competitors are allowed to take a route choice that uses marked route to map start (= marked route to start triangel). It pertains to few classes only.
•    It is allowed to take a route choice through ski-stadium.

•    Map scales:
M35-M60 1:12500
M65-M85 1:10000

W35-W40 1:12500
W45-W85 1:10000

•    Courses:

M35    12,9 km   25 controls
M40    11,7 km   22 controls
M45    10,7 km   19 controls
M50      9,0 km   18 controls
M55      7,7 km   15 controls
M60      6,9 km   15 controls
M65      6,2 km   14 controls
M70      5,5 km   11 controls
M75      4,9 km   11 controls
M80      4,3 km     8 controls
M85      3,5 km     7 controls

W35      7,7 km   15 controls
W40      6,9 km   15 controls
W45       6,2 km  14 controls
W50      5,5 km   11 controls
W55      4,9 km   11 controls
W60      4,3 km     8 controls
W65      4,3 km     8 controls
W70      4,3 km     8 controls
W75      3,5 km     7 controls
W80      3,5 km     7 controls
W85      3,5 km     7 controls

JWSOC/EYSOC social dinner on 22/02 in Põlva Culture Center

Due to low interest, the official  WMSOC banquet on 20/02 is cancelled.
Participants who have paid banquet fee, please contact Event Office for repayment of money.
All WMSOC participants are welcome to take part in JWSOC/EYSOC social dinner on 22/02 in Põlva Culture Center.
Price 20 €. Please register in Event Office. Thank you! 


BUS  to Pannjärve (for WMSOC and Open)

Sat, 22/02

10:00 Pesa hotell
10:15 Mooste bus station
11:00 Aovere petrol station
12:30 estimated arrival time in Pannjärve

Back from Pannjärve to Põlva: ~ 18:00 (after prize giving ceremony)


WMSOC 2014  Jury








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