Bulletin 2

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Thursday September 24 Arrival of teams and accommodation
Friday September 25 Model event
Saturday September 26 Qualification Race for Classic Distance
Sunday September 27 WC Event no.10, Classic Distance Final - A, B and C finals
Monday September 28 Rest day
Tuesday September 29 WC Event no.11, Relay

Maximum number of competitors per federation
6 men and 6 women for individual event, 2 men and 2 women relay team for relay event.

Qualification scheme for individual event
Due to ongoing negotiations with IOF foot-O committee, the special rules applying event no.10 will be published separately.

Event centre/competition office
Hotel Karupesa in Otepää. Open from September 24th at 10:00. In the competition office there will be given all information about World Cup programme, accommodation, catering.

Best way of traveling
Tallinn-Helsinki: 25 min. by air; 1,5-3,5 h by boat, 8 h by boat in nighttime.
Additional information also on: http://www.ee/timetable/.
Tallinn-Otepää: Otepää is situated 227 km (3,5 h by bus) from Tallinn. On request we organize transport from/to airport or sea port of Tallinn to Event centre. Price 150 EEK one direction.
Latest day for any transport bookings: 26th June 1998

Local transport
The transport between accommodation and competition area is free for competitors, team officials and media representatives. Own transport can be used to all events. Distances between Event centre and competition areas are 8-12 km (10-15 minutes by bus).

Otepää Upland - situating 60-120m above sea level. Relative differences in height up to 30m. Between the hills there is plenty of marshes. Lot of tracks and paths. Forest variable with open cultivated lands. Very varying runnability. Percentage of open areas 10-20%.
A part of competition terrain was used for Soviet Union Championships in 1984 and for Estonian Championships relay event in 1984.

Individual event- qualification and final: scale 1:15000, contour interval 2,5 m. Relay event: scale 1:10000, contour interval 2,5 m. Field work 1998. A copies of the previous maps are attached to the Bulletin 2.

Embargoed area
Area between Otepää - Palupera - Elva - Laguja - Otepää.

Accommodation and catering
The following costs are per person per day and include accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner (8 EEK=1 DEM).
Variant A: Hotel "Karupesa" in Otepää
  • 1-bed room 900 EEK
  • 2-bed room 800 EEK
  • 3-bed room 700 EEK
  • extra bed 550 EEK
Variant B: Hotel "Pühajärve" in Pühajärve (2 km from EC)
  • 1-bed room 600 EEK
  • 2-bed room 500 EEK

The following cost is per person per day and include only accommodation.
Variant C: (max. 2 km from EC) multiple occupation, separate toilet and shower, cooking facilities 100 EEK

Bookings will be accepted when accompanied by a 20 % deposit on a first-come first-serve basis.
Please use the attached accommodation reservation form. Bookings will be not confirmed until the deposit is received.
Deadline for official accommodation bookings: 26th June 1998

Enrty fee
900 EEK for competitor. This includes model event, individual and relay event, official transport and banquet.
600 EEK for team official. This includes model event, maps from individual and relay event, official transport and banquet.

Closing dates for entries
Deadline for entries and official accommodation bookings: 26th June 1998
Deadline for full payment: 7th August 1998
Late entries will be a subject to a 30% surcharge.
The nominative entry form will be sent out together with Bulletin 3 in July.

Entries to:
Regati pst. 1-380
EE0019 Tallinn ESTONIA
phone +372 6 39 86 81
fax +372 6 39 86 53
e-mail: eol@spin.ee
Payment to:
Account number: 221002100295
Swift code: HABA EE 2X
NB! Exchange rate for Estonian kroon (EEK) is fixed by law to DEM (8 EEK=1 DEM). If your bank isn't selling EEK, you can also transfer in your currency or in DEM (in this case, please use the exchange rate 1 DEM = 7,98 EEK).

Spectator's events
The same afternoon, after the World Cup Event, there will be an open orienteering event "SUUNTO GAMES in ESTONIA" for all categories.

Training opportunities
There are numerous possibilities for training in Otepää area. Teams, who are interested, are welcome. We can also organize the accommodation for teams, who will arrive before 24th of September. Please contact the Estonian OF.

Press accreditation
Please copy and distribute this Bulletin no.2 and the enclosed press accreditation form to relevant newspapers, radio and TV stations etc. in your country that may need reservation during World Cup events in Estonia. Responsible for media registrations is Estonian OF.

The holders of passports of the following IOF member countries do not need a visa to enter Estonia: Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA.
Situation can be changed during the next months, the latest information on: http://www.vm.ee/eng/.

Organizing officials
Event director: Leho Haldna
phone +372 5 037 100 (24h)
fax +372 7 420 651
e-mail: leho@net.server.ee
Course setter: Kalle Kalm
National controller: Mati Poom
IOF controller: Jorma Ake (FIN)
phone (+358 2) 458 34 70
fax (+358 2) 458 10 42
e-mail: mapake@netti.fi

Otepää sk, OK Kape, OK Ilves, Estonian Orienteering Federation